Currently Playing Sea of Thieves

You might have found this blog by my Xbox Gamertag jimvideodotcom. If so I’d love to hear about it.

Update: Only about half the games on Game Pass install with the others throwing a 0x80073d13 error when attempting to install. The Game Pass app gave me a dead link, so Microsoft was not help on their own service. Searching on the Internet informed me that I may have the wrong number of bytes in the NTFS sectors. While the Sea of Thieves is fun, the more popular games like Flight Simulator and Outer Worlds would not install for me so I canceled my subscription.

I’m Leaving Facebook

With recent changes in Facebook policies being a part of the big social network has less attraction then every before. I know that Facebook has a Shadow Profile of my that I can’t delete, as it has a Shadow Profile of each and every person reading this, and those can’t be deleted.

What I will not miss from Facebook.
• Facebook has become slow in my browser.
• Difficult to keep track of interactions with Facebook Friends.
• Difficult to keep track of messages received in pages. Even when Facebook shows that there is a message it is most often useless reminders, like I haven’t posted in a few days or I should buy a Facebook ad.
• Has an unethical promotion where they give you $30 in credit if you pay $10. If you don’t go over $10 before the credit expires in a short time the $30 would not be used and expires.
• Requiring connecting a personal account to manage a business page. When I used other networks to manage business pages I use them as that business, not as an account connected to family, friends, and personal interest.
• Puts a Facebook ID on every outgoing link letting the linked website know it was me.
• Trying to control how I save my password. I have a password manager and I don’t want to use whatever picture thing Facebook wants to replace passwords with.
• The hate from the Left.

What I will miss from Facebook.
• Personal stories and photos from family and friends.
• Alert for upcoming birthdays for friends and family.
• Connecting to friends and family regardless of location.
• Easy to find community news and events. Especially painted rocks!
• Lots of easy to make and find groups. There are dozens of pages and groups for Burney.
• Facebook is where many people look for organizations, businesses, events, and much more.

No more Facebook for me after April 10.

You can find me at and

Edit: You share your account when you use Facebook as a login. Is the Facebook single login worth the information you share? I don’t think so.

Vote for me as Honorary Mayor of Burney

This is my first poster for Honorary Mayor of Burney for 2017-18.

My motto is ‘Be Prepared to Serve in All Seasons’.

My extended goal is to champion a race track around the town of Burney.

I will have a list of locations in Burney to vote, or you can vote online at

Thank you.

Please vote for James Glaser
for Honorary Mayor of

History of Personal Computers

This is an interesting version of the history of the personal computer, I mostly agree with the story. Calling out the first personal computer is debated, at one time I thought it was the Altair. Silicon Valley was named from the radar industry, many years before the first use in WWII. Secret History of Silicon Valley

BTW, if somebody has data showing that Apple ever had the best selling personal computer please link in the comments. As far as I know only Radio Shack, Commodore, IBM, then various PC makers ever had this record.

Article: Additional Ethical Questions for Driverless Cars

Additional Ethical Questions for Driverless Cars – The New Yorker

This article pokes fun at the current studies of ethical questions for driverless cars. Most of such questions pose the AI choosing between diverse people who should live, and who should not. The study doesn’t ask the most important question; who is doing the profiling to determine what the question is? On TWIT’s Tech News Today Megan Morrone gives a possible answer to this; the government will profile us like in the Gattica where the police have genetic profiles of everybody that have entries for expected lifespan, likenesses to commit crime, possible social standing, and more. That kind of creepy database would be needed for AI to respond to situations like should the car run over a doctor or two criminals?

In ten years such cars will be significantly safer then the average driver. The sensor array will be beyond what the prototype autonomous cars have now. Being humans we will adapt to the new levels of consequence for our actions and act less safe then before, but we will be better over all.

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