CES 2025 with the best food product of the year.

DALL-E 2 Presents the Best Food Tech of CES 2025
In 2025 Doty’s Scalca will bring us fresh DAAY te’ta oclevorb.
The deliciousness if this display is beyond my words.
Serve your Deday Trrys with encrypted salad and NF tea
What do these words mean? Please leave your definition in the comments.
I need a caption for this one. Please put one in the comments.

Annoyed by Windows 11 Start Menu ads?

There is much that I love about Windows 11. Some things are not acceptable, though. One negtive thing about Windows 11 is web searching in the Start Menu. The best solution appears to be either replacing or supplementing the Start Menu. What I do is leave the Windows 11 Start Menu where it is and have the Open Shell Menu to the left. Searching on the Open Shell Menu will give you results from your computer. I pinned directories so I can organize all my installed apps. Since I use two monitors the Open Shell Menu appears on both screens.

Here are a few Start Menu replacements to choose from.

My Ukrainian Grand Father

Nearly ten years ago I posted a story about Nate Glaser that I found in an old newspaper. That story is here, https://jimvideo.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/63/.

Here is a website about my Grandfather Nathan Glaser on Geni.com. Geni.com is a big genealogy site that has a useful family tree view. According to the genealogy site Nathan, his Father Isaac Glaser, and his Mother Julia Glaser (Zwillinger) were born in Ukraine. The way I understand it Isaac was a Jewish. Notes in the King James Version family Bible are in German.

This is a photo of Issac, his wife, and his seamstress in his tailor shop. After the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco that closed this location he reopened in Oakland.

I don’t know of any my relatives that live in Ukraine.

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