Quantum Hack post #02

  Aaron turned his laptop computer around for his friend to see. Aaron called Jet to the mostly secluded park in Kansas City, Kansas, to get his help. In his early 20s he turned loans from his parents into a regular income. Recently he found ways of dealing with those strange dreams of his and Brook’s. Last time he saw his sister she was applying for various overseas work projects. Aaron and Brook got along well, and frequently collaborated on projects, electronics and software. Brook didn’t believe Aaron when he said that he was shelving his interest in the dreams. He hadn’t told anybody, although he was sure his dad was high enough rank in the Navy to know, that he signed up to join the military. A couple tours as a nuclear specialist should give him time to learn about energy science and give him some grounding to cope with those weird dreams. He didn’t think of it as running, but it was coping.

“Whoh, you didn’t tell me you had a video of her location.” Jet is a tall man in his late 20s, toned from years of heaving steal gear. Aaron met Jet when Aaron was touring a Navy base. He became fascinated by the weapons and Jet was a Gunners Mate, the Navy small weapons profession. Now Jet helps design and test the all terrain vehicle that Aaron plans to put an alternative power source in.

“That’s it.” Aaron had got up and moved around to see the screen. It was a false color picture of the alien device. Each time he dreamed it the appearance was slightly different.

“The thing from Brook’s blog?” Jet didn’t know about Aaron’s dreams, that was something that Brook made public but Aaron only told Brook. “This picture apparently originates from her.”

“Show this in hex.” Aaron ask, and examined the numbers. “There, padded between a string of zeros is her location. Can you show text? Now you can use that to find the location on a map.”

“How was she able to send this?” He asked now knowing a more about where Brook is.

“I occasionally put an auto tunneling program on devices and targeted people to sell them to. This one payed off.” He examined the data more. “It had some help getting through.”

“Your sister is a hacker, too.”

“Yes. You see where she is.”

“Lets get her now.”

“We have some time to prepare. If she was in inimate danger she would have indicated that.”

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