Quantum Hack post #04

 Back on the Earth 1 Aaron and Jet moved quickly down the coridor. Aaron was shaken by being shot at by automatic sub machine gun toting security and both were shaken by the center of the room vanishing.

“I’m loosing control of the centeral computers.”

“The gun torrets?” Jet wasn’t sure to speed up or slow down.

“I put them in self maintenance mode.”

“Not before, but that is what I’m calling it. I miscalculated the ammo unjammer and it’ll waste good ammo until somebody hits the reset button on the gun.”

“We’ll talk about your weapon hacking later.” Jet replied, disappointed that Aaron didn’t have military stanima.

On Earth 2 Aaron, Jet, and Lester stand still looking at the hole in the room.

“It looks like I got out just in time,” Lester says, “and didn’t at the same time.”

“I’m not sure what happened,” Jet tells him, “but you look safe for now.”

“We’re loosing control of the compound’s security systems.” Aaron announces in a hurry.

Salmon yells from the other side of the room, “I didn’t like that man anyway, lets get out of here.”

“I think I can stop the torrets.” Aaron replied.

“There is a tunnel with no programmed security, this way. I don’t know what happened, but I think we need each other now.”

The group headed for Baxter’s secret tunnel. Salmon was right, he did need Aaron to get through doors and get out. Salmon will tell his reassembled security force that their employer was gone and they no longer had a job. The remaining four men will head back south.”

The sun is setting on Earth 3 as the six move between the trees. It’s getting chilly and those in sweaty workout clothes are moving in slightly exaggerated motion to keep warm. They aren’t sure if the jet noticed them. A train could be heard in the distance, the third one this evening, with an occasional ploom of coal smoke visible between trees.

The forest looked and smelled like a normal Canadian forest, but Brook and Lyn, as they are now called, know that could change.

“Okay, we’ll rest here.” One of the Baxter’s ordered.

“We need to find shelter,” Lyn counters.

“No, we don’t.” Baxter declares in his usual boss tone. He starts to aim the pistal, that was recently on his lower leg. “We camp….”

His words are cut off as Salmon slams the but of his sub machine gun knocking Baxter out. Before the other Baxter reacts Salmon aims his weapon. “Give your gun to one of the girls. Oh, that alien thing too.”

“Those two girls have been holding back information that we’ll need to survive.”

“When we get to someplace safe they will tell us what we need to know, to survive.”

“Give them the weapons. And keep quiet.”

“Yeah, it’s getting cold. Lester, you should take the alien devices.” Lyn glances to Brook for conframation, “We’re not sure if we can randomly activate the devices.”

Lester takes the alien devices while Salmon checks for more weapons. For lack of pockets Lyn and Brook takes the gun holsters with the guns. “I hope your a better shot then me.” Brook tells lyn, joking with her new twin.

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