20th Anniversary of “That Fire From The Fountain”.

“That Fire From The Fountain”

T’was the dog days of summer, and the weather was hot,

And it was business as usual, or so we thought.

The day was August 20, to be exact,

No one ever suspected or smelled a rat!

The community call “Round Mountain”

Had a fire taking off near the Fountain

Originating at the Buzzard Roost Road, they said,

A huge cloud of smoke accumulating over-head.

As I continued my trip home, over a mountain of green,

Told my associates of what I had seen.

Still not knowing of what would occur,

Fixed dinner for Hubby, quitting time near.

It took not long to learn he was on the far side of the fountain,

I heard of the devastation of our town of Round Mountain!

Even days later and the smoke had not cleared and ground very hot too,

We still operated on the premise that the mail must go through!

I inched my way over a smoldering mountain,

Devastation around me, that fire from the fountain!

As I drove carefully through a tangled highway going west,

Smoke filled my lungs and tears ran down my face.

Weaving by crew after crew, with their “McClouds” and hoses,

They looked tired and anxious, hot gear and masked noses.

For twenty five miles I felt all the fear,

The terror of fleeing, a storm of fire all too near.

On Terry Mill Road residences had fled for their lives…

Smoke filled their lungs and tears ran from their eyes!

Ashes, tin and little else, make such a rubble,

Each pile had a dream, popped like a bubble!

I see so much, my first day through it all,

How the fire picked what would stand, what would fall!

Snuffy Lane had gone..poof..right before my eyes,

Why in the midst of it all, the Post Office survives!

From the little truck windows I could not see Frisby Road,

But the smell of baked  apples  eased the load.

My return trip gave other views to behold,

Montgomery Creek town left me feeling quite cold.

It has now been a month since so much burned to the ground,

A community of believers of God truly abound.

As I drive daily over our Mountain,

I, too, feel victim of “That Fire From The Fountain”

End…….by Ruth Glaser, Burney   1992

I make not light of the disaster … that fire from the fountain…

But a little humor helped me make it over our mountain.

Often times a smile can be a healing jesture,

With respect, try to recognize any of the following places…..

Highway 299 Ash,  Buzzard Roast Road, Terry Melt Road, Brown Mountain,

Cinder Creek School, Montgomery Crisp, Potato Chip Cut, Hack-it Mountain,

Blaze Bend Road, Firesby Road…..

Aw, come on…just a little smile?

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