Quantum Hack post #05

The next morning on Earth 1 Aaron and Jet are on just past the American border at a diner. Aaron prodded his mildly runny eggs as if he was learning something from them. “I have plenty of information to go through.”

“With the device gone, what is left.” Jet was already done with his breakfast and wanted to rest a little more before getting on the road.

“I don’t know.” The were some restraunt sounds were a welcome background noise after the last few days. He looked at his smart phone. He left the flying drones there to monitor the area. “The Canadians have the compound surrounded.”

“Whoever funded Baxter will keep things under wrap.”

“We need to find out who that is.”

At Earth 2 Solmon drives the group back into compound in a utility cart. Aaron holds a portable display while controlling the drones and the compound security. “The Canadians are covering all the known entrances, but they aren’t coming in.”

“They aren’t going to.” Solmon replied. “After yesterday I would not be surprised if Baxter’s bosses were aliens.

Jet is getting irritated about the whole thing. He missed the conversation about the compound by patrolling the area around the hidden exit. “Why are we going back?”

“I’m sure Baxter was holding something in a room attached to his office.”

“Then if the aliens were here they might have missed it? How do you know about it?”

“There is a picture there and he never looked at it.”

The night before the Earth 3 crew found a two story abandoned house and took refuge in it. The musty smell of this old wooden building. There was plenty of beds and bedding for the six. The od old appliances in the kitchen were unrecognizable. It was decided to not start a fire. The Baxters slept well, almost as if one acted up so they could get out of watch standing duty.

The morning brings Brook and Lester on two of the eight chairs around the dining table. Various food packages are spread out on the table for examination.

“Hey guys,” Lyn announces going into the dining room. She isn’t used to seing herself, or a copy of herself, doing anything. “Whats going on?”

“Investigating secrets,” Lester smiles while wondering if two of the same mind working on a problem could be as good as two different minds. “You know, mysteries on an alternate Earth.”

“Oh, secrets.” Lyn replies slyly. “You know while you can’t tell the difference between us you can’t keep secrets form the other.

Lester gives Lyn a stare. “Oh, is that have to look forward to, you….”

Brook still knew Lyn as well as herself and interupts the response. “She didn’t mean anything by that. Even after we get out of this mess, were not that kind of girl.”

“Sorry, I’m still getting use to having a twin.” She let her eyes wonder over the boxes.

“I’m sorry, too.” Lester says hoping that it was a false alarm. “I guess you sisters are as confused at this situation as I am.”

Brook puts a box with a picture of a baked turkey back on the table by a similar box. “Didn’t you see your double.”

“Oh yeah, I sort of remember something.” Lester didn’t want to admit to being so shaken enough by the event that he forgot seeing his exact double.

“You know, it’s okay.” Brook decided not to go on about what could have happened. Earlier she watched Lyn sleeping for about ten minutes before exploring the house. This wasn’t a mirror or a video recording, it was a copy of herself.

“This food doesn’t look like Canadian food.” Lyn is holding a box with French labeling. “Waffle mix. If we can’t find the maple syrup we know we’re in trouble.”

“No maple syrup, but it gets worse.” Lester contains his serious face for about two seconds before the three were laughing together. Trying to restore his serous face, “we don’t think this world and ours devided at WWII.”

“We haven’t been able to date the separation on this kitchen, but it could have been over a hundred years before that, based on one of the English boxes.”

 Lyn puts the waffles box down and picks up a metal box of coffee. “Seventeen stars on the American flag. The US went from fifteen stars to twenty stars shortly after the Louisiana Purchase.”

Lester points at Brook, “Your sister thinks that somebody went back in time and stopped the purchase, so the Indians can take the land back from the French and keep it for a united native nation.”

Lyn stand up and gives her twin a high five. “Did you tell this guy that we’re part indian?”

“No,” she says while smiling, “I didn’t think it was important, at the time. Lets see if we can make some breakfast out of these boxes without a stove.”

“I think we need to figure out how to make some hot coffee, before we become two evil twins.”

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