New Printer for Food

You Can Now Print Your Own Food

3D printers are becoming more popular, and this one is one of the best ones on the market.

About 1980 an article in Compute! Magazine described the paperless office of the near future. Over thirty years later we have more paper in our offices then ever before. The home printer and email hasn’t closed card shops.

Pictured here is a 3D printer that can print soft material, such as food.  While it excepts any soft material it does it slowly and you would need to leave it to print the food. You would need to keep the pets away and put it in the fridge if it need that, so it isn’t likely to been seen in a restaurant any time soon. The article mentions printing mashed potatoes and perhaps blended chicken, which is enough to make an interesting and creative chicken and potato side dish.

Will the future of food be print-on-demand? Note likely, but they will have their place. Your next microwave might have a built in food printer. Then again the home cola mixer is a cool product, letting you make soda pop for a fraction of the cost of bottled or canned soda. As far as I know this money saving machine has almost no market. It is up to us, the consumer, to determine the success of food printer, and I vote YES!

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  1. Looking at my post after publishing it I realized I have the Squishy Circuits then the food printer. You can put the two types of dough in and use the printer to make Squishy Circuit boards in multiple layers. If that dough were tasty you can make working electronic cakes!


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