Quantum Hack post #06

This story is getting strange, and it will continue this way. I’m trying to express the characters while telling a good story. I would love some constructive feedback. At least until the comments are automatically closed by WordPress after a few days. I’m coming close to closing the prelude and start up the story again in an interesting future. Oh yeah, the future according to me and my imagination. I hope you like it.

On Earth 2 the crew have panels open in Baxter’s office to view the devastated artifact room. Aaron sits at Baxter’s desk as the others search the room. The switch to open the window wasn’t hidden and Salmon found it quickly, the other secrets were proven to be more elusive.

Aaron squints as he stared at the seemingly uninteresting desktop display on the main monitor. With an astonished look he spins the monitor around and peers into a vent.

Jet is amused. “Did you hear insects?”

“There is thumb drive size computer in this monitor.” He quickly pulled the monitor off and had the thumb drive plugged into a hockey puck sized device.

Salmon was stunned at this stunt and moved to stand by the exit. “Baxter put automated machine guns around this building, inside and out. You need to be careful about tearing about things that can be booby trapped.”

Without putting it back together Aaron puts the computer screen back where it was on the desk. With a few swipes on his arm he opens a security menu on the screen, then looks at Lester and Jet. “You’ll want to be away from that door when it opens.” Everybody looks at the painting on the wall as Aaron draws on his arm.

There is a snap as the paint around the painting the shape of a door. The door has been a secret for awhile, with the door painted shut and hidden. As the door opens Aaron looks at his screen. A new security option opened up, marked with dashes, instead of a text The opening door reveals a small room with a table on it. A device that looks like a Tesla inspired home made amplifier and a three foot wire cage sits right inside the room. A mixture of devices cover ta table in the back. Aaron starts to stand from the chair.

A three foot diameter glowing ball, similar to the one put out by the artifact, appeared in the room. A short human, about two foot, appeared in globe, floating three feet in the air. She looks around obviously displeased. Jet and Salmon are quick to get their hands on their guns but the alien is faster. A wave of percussion sends all four into walls away from the flying alien. The desk lands on Aaron as the computer and monitor smash through the window to the artifact room. The men, stunned, try to move. She raises her left palm toward the odd speaker in time for Aaron to repeat what his sister spoke the day before, “<safety mode>”.

The alien is very much annoyed spins to face Aaron and says something in her language. Aaron’s visions is not as vivid as Brooklyn’s and he doesn’t understand the language. After examining the security codes he know that Baxter had had gestures and one of them was assigned to some trivial response. He guesses the gesture was more important then he previously realized and forced his hand into a middle finger solute at the alien. Before she can respond the speaker came to life. The alien falls to the ground unconscious while Aaron is hit with severe pain. He can not move or breathe. He is in too much pain to feel is his heart is beating.

Jet and Salmon were quick to recover and have their guns out. Lester pulls the desk off Aaron and is by his side. The scientist is not being effected by the speaker at all. Aaron forces his hand into an ‘all clear’ gesture and the pain fades away. Breathing again he says “Put her in the cage.” He hopes that the others didn’t see his reaction to the stun device. Could he be related to the short alien? “Lets get that stuff and get out of here.”

While Lester and Salmon put the alien in the cage Aaron gets up, “Don’t close the lid yet, I need to deactivate her weapons.”

“I think we need some of this paint.” Jet tells Aaron as he heads into the secret room to pack the devices. “Good, a box is here. It’s like Baxter was ready to capture the girl and head out.

“I’ll look more for some soft of safe house.” He picks up the puck and thumb drive then gestures to the broken window. I’ll need another terminal.”

As Lester helps Aaron to sit on the desk chair Jet and Solmon put the alien in a cage next to him. “I have a computer in my office.” Salmon says, but realized that they needed to get out of compound. Salmon was uneasy about all of this. When he was a young Canadian he was a public servant in this region. Now he is an unemployed hired gun. This wouldn’t be the first time he was in a situation he didn’t know if he could get out of.

“Aaron, can you have the van drive around the back?” Jet smiles trying to lighten the mood.

“Self driving vans is on my to-do list, Jet, but I was waiting for something that had working air conditioning.” Aaron very carefuly pulls the power supply out of the alien’s backpack. “I think the remaining power will be drained by the cage.”

Lester is over at the speaker. “I don’t think we need this. It is very similar to a communication device that I’ve worked on before.”

“Let’s smash it and leave it here.” Aaron suggest.

“Yeah. It appears to only work on aliens, but we don’t need for them to know what we know.” Lester says. He thinks that Aaron was in pain from the desk, not the speaker. “I’m wondering what other secrets Baxter has.”

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