The American Bible Challenge, a New Game Show on GSN

The American Bible Chalange
The American Bible Challenge is a Biblical-themed game show television series on GSN.

Thursday I watched the new game show on GSN. To start off with I’m a member of the Lions Club, a group that starts every meeting with a prayer to God. A few years ago I helped the Habitat For Humanities, and before every work shift we started with a prayer asking for guidance from God. Well, you can imagine that a game show about God’s Good Book with groups of people that dedicated to serving their communities in His name, it was off to a great start.

There are three groups competing in the show. Each group has three members and represents the charity or service they work on.

And I’m glad you ask; the show is on the Game Show Network every Thursday night.

The show is hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, and he did make a Larry The Cable Guy reference. He has good interaction with the contestants.

Will contestants try for an unfair advantage by memorizing the Good Book? Every contestant loves the Bible and the study of the word of God is encouraged. This show rewards people for something they are already doing.

Can the greatest of ancient documents of faith and history give enough questions for years of interesting television? Well, at least for one year and I’ll be watching.

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