The Ouya might be my next game console.

This is my rambling about my Xbox 360, and why I might not get an Xbox 720.

I’ve been a gamer for awhile. In order to be a gamer I needed something to play games on. Yes there has been personal computers in my life to play games, and allays will be. PCs are not as portable and PC games are not a fun to share, or resell, as console games.

The Xbox was about 8 months old when I got one. My Nintendo 64 was getting old. The PS2 looked good, but the hardware on the Xbox was better for several reasons. It was faster, had about twice the memory, and twice the controller ports. The hard drive was good, too. I put the few CDs that I owned on the thing and play the music in some games. The hidden cost of an Xbox is paying a subscription to play online. The Xbox played the games that I wanted to play. I would soon I would choose one of the random gamertag suggestions, Mercifulsoup, and got online. Eventually I had the steering wheel, the DVD dongle, four controllers, and a cheat downloader.

Before the PS3 was on the shelves I already purchased the Xbox 360. The PS3 looks okay, but I’ve not been interested in purchasing one. While the PS3 has better specs then the Xbox 360, the difference is not much compared to the PS2 vs Xbox. GTA Vice City ran well on the Xbox, and ran poorly on the PS2. GTA IV runs great on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PS3 has a Blu-ray player, yet it is so slow that game developers force the gamer to wait for the PS3 to write the game to the hard drive for the game to play for the first time. Maybe the PS4 will have a faster Blu-ray player.

As time went by the Xbox 360 got new features. I have the steering wheel, fortunately the model that doesn’t catch on fire. The XNA Game Studio Express let hobbyist make games on the Xbox 360, and even sell those games on box live. The Xbox Achievements made games funner. With the Xbox Achievements game cheats became less attractive. Then again, newer games are better and less likely to need cheats to be fun.

Unfortunately Microsoft put out the Xbox version of Nintendo Wii avatars as mandatory mutation to every Xbox Live account. I knew that these disgustful bloated somewhat human avatars were in the next upgrade and I searched the Net for ways to except the mandatory Xbox upgrade without the avatars. No luck. I tried to make one of the avatars look less hideous. No luck. I have mentioned many time that Microsoft should let us remove the fuglytars from our Xbox Live accounts.

I’m on my second Xbox 360. The newer one has HDMI and a bigger hard drive. I gave the old Xbox and Xbox 360 to a relative. My Nintendo 64 has been gone for so long I forgot where it went.

One of Microsoft’s biggest surprises was the Kinect. When Microsoft released the Kinect they didn’t have enough games that used the accessory, so they took the games that were to be downloadable and put them on DVD so they could have enough games to fill a shelf. While today there are dozens of games that use the Kinect

Even though Microsoft makes money on commercial advertising on the Xbox dashboard Microsoft increased the price of Xbox Live Gold. While Microsoft has a free Xbox Silver account those accounts don’t get the new features. Why does Microsoft charge users money to browse the Web with Internet Explorer or watch Youtube or Netflix?

The next Xbox and Play Station will come out soon, even though I don’t think I would get either, even if I could afford either. The new Wii U looks even less attractive.

The Ouya “open” gaming console looks good, even though I prefer disc games to downloadable games, especially on systems that don’t have hard drives. Android, what the Ouya uses, is gaining support in open game development systems. Depending on what games come out on it the Ouya might be my next game console.

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