Playstation 4 or Steam Box

Valve’s Steam Store, born when Valve needed a way to deliver patches to it’s games, is now a good way to get games and other software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The important of the Linux support for AAA games has been lacking, so Valve has moved to fix this problem to sell  their great games  for use on Linux computers in living rooms. Valve will produce SteamOS and hardware manufacturers will produce certified computers.

The Steam Box promises the best of consoles and personal computers. Consoles have the strength of compatibility. When console games are released with compatibility problems it is big news, since it happens so infrequently.Final Fantasy XI. A good personal computer has expansible and multiple use. The extra money paid for a personal computer can extend the device to roles not possible with consoles, including PVR, home security, office software, video production, ect.

The Xi3’s Piston “Steam Box” is reported to be released in November. There are over two dozen companies planning the release of Steam Boxes. The official release of the SteamOS has been pushed back, perhaps to next year. This will give them time to unmess the controller and perhaps make a standard for game to come on BluRay. The controller is very important as Sony and Microsoft have made their respective controllers even better this console generation then the last. I would rather have my games on BluRay then digital download and having a disc drive is a big deal to me.

Am I all wet thinking that a Steam Box should have a physical media? Do you want your games on disc? Comment here.

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