My AmigaOS and AROS wishlist.

As a long time Amigan this is my wish list for the AmigaOS. I haven’t used AmigaOS since 3.1, so I don’t know how many are obsolete. I suppose it doesn’t matter since they are my opinion. Many items in my wish list may work for AROS as well.

  • Server farms

    • Make the AmigaOS ready to be an Apache server right out of the box.

    • Further optimize the AmigaOS for power saving.

    • Make cable standards for a rack mounted Amiga to run the coolest. A little power savings can be a big deal in a server farm, so if making one or two AC/CD converters for a rack of servers could cut cost it could iinfluence purchasing decisions by a big company.

    • Integrated power management including laptop like battery detection and smart shutdown

  • Workbench

    • Requestors that ask me to copy over other files should give me the option to choose by name five or six files at a time.

    • When a new window opens on a two monitor system the new window should not open on the active window; instead open on the other monitor and not autocratically become active for user input.

  • AmigaOS

    • Support skinning of the desktop using a new system, without specific support for dated or shareware GUI enhancers.

    • Put a ‘view folders and icons’ mode in the desktop, so it will not show files that lack icons, but will show all folders, icons or not.

    • Make Javascript/ECMAscript, or a derivative, the official AmigaOS script.

    • Make it easy for developers of new JavaScript libraries, ie AJAX and jQuerry, to work with AmigaOS scripting with as little modification as possible

    • Saving with datatypes should be as functional as loading with datatypes.

    • Combined system message and requester windows options to send messages to commodities and a standard OS messenger like WebOS and others.

    • Maybe rename commodities to something shorter.

    • Named screens, so I can open programs in specific screens and/or device and/or user.

    • Tag highlighted files in GUI/CLI/shell to add tag that displays that file different

    • A ‘this kind of icon goes here’ layer for desktop themes so I can have no icons covering parts of my desktop wallpaper or have game links appear in a wallpaper of a bowl of cereal while all other icons are in the table around it.

    • Pop ups should not take input for the first two to five seconds. I hate canceling print jobs because the print information popped up just before I hit the space bar.

    • App store.

  • Media sever

    • Let the Amiga be used as a media server to one or more remote rooms while still serving as a desktop computer.

    • Traveling GUI, letting me continue a program in a different location on my LAN with the program scaling to the new GUI.

    • Features of Media Center, Boxee, ect.

    • A standard profile commodity for game controllers.

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