Race for Honorary Mayor of Burney

I Promise If I win I Will Break Ground For a High Speed Rail From Burney To Disneyland (and maybe back again)

Journey to Honorary Mayor of Burney

While a member of the Enterprise Lions Club I had the opportunity to serve the community of Redding. Many of the Lions Clubs in District 4C1 help Camp McCumber, including the Enterprise Lions Club. Now in the town of Burney I’m in the Burney Lions Club, another Lions Club in District 4C1 that supports Camp McCumber.

This year I decided to participate in the annual race for Honorary Mayor. The winner gets a title, some more money for his/her chosen charity, and opportunities for public appearances. The person that collects the most money earns the Honorary Mayor of Burney title. One vote per dollar and we accept money from any place that can access this Go Fund Me page: gofundme.com/mayorjim.

I’m looking forward to participating in community events in the area supported by the Burney Chamber.

Photo from pixabay

My charity of choice is the aforementioned Camp McCumber, where if I when half of the money will be donated to the Lions District 4C1 Health Foundation for Diabetes camp. The rest will be donated to the Burney Chamber. If I come in second, it’ll be 40%/60%, third 30%/70%.

Each mayor to be needs a slogan, and mine is “to bring a high speed rail from Burney to Disneyland.”

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  1. Since writing this I reworded my campaign promise to “If I win I will break ground for a super high speed monorail from Burney Falls, through Burney and Camp McCumber, to Disneyland.”


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