Article: Additional Ethical Questions for Driverless Cars

Additional Ethical Questions for Driverless Cars – The New Yorker

This article pokes fun at the current studies of ethical questions for driverless cars. Most of such questions pose the AI choosing between diverse people who should live, and who should not. The study doesn’t ask the most important question; who is doing the profiling to determine what the question is? On TWIT’s Tech News Today Megan Morrone gives a possible answer to this; the government will profile us like in the Gattica where the police have genetic profiles of everybody that have entries for expected lifespan, likenesses to commit crime, possible social standing, and more. That kind of creepy database would be needed for AI to respond to situations like should the car run over a doctor or two criminals?

In ten years such cars will be significantly safer then the average driver. The sensor array will be beyond what the prototype autonomous cars have now. Being humans we will adapt to the new levels of consequence for our actions and act less safe then before, but we will be better over all.

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