I’m Leaving Facebook

With recent changes in Facebook policies being a part of the big social network has less attraction then every before. I know that Facebook has a Shadow Profile of my that I can’t delete, as it has a Shadow Profile of each and every person reading this, and those can’t be deleted.

What I will not miss from Facebook.
• Facebook has become slow in my browser.
• Difficult to keep track of interactions with Facebook Friends.
• Difficult to keep track of messages received in pages. Even when Facebook shows that there is a message it is most often useless reminders, like I haven’t posted in a few days or I should buy a Facebook ad.
• Has an unethical promotion where they give you $30 in credit if you pay $10. If you don’t go over $10 before the credit expires in a short time the $30 would not be used and expires.
• Requiring connecting a personal account to manage a business page. When I used other networks to manage business pages I use them as that business, not as an account connected to family, friends, and personal interest.
• Puts a Facebook ID on every outgoing link letting the linked website know it was me.
• Trying to control how I save my password. I have a password manager and I don’t want to use whatever picture thing Facebook wants to replace passwords with.
• The hate from the Left.

What I will miss from Facebook.
• Personal stories and photos from family and friends.
• Alert for upcoming birthdays for friends and family.
• Connecting to friends and family regardless of location.
• Easy to find community news and events. Especially painted rocks!
• Lots of easy to make and find groups. There are dozens of pages and groups for Burney.
• Facebook is where many people look for organizations, businesses, events, and much more.

No more Facebook for me after April 10.

You can find me at jimvideo.wordpress.com and www.mewe.com/i/jamesglaser

Edit: You share your account when you use Facebook as a login. Is the Facebook single login worth the information you share? I don’t think so. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-are-you-sharing-when-you-sign-in-with-facebook-or-google/

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