Vote for me as Honorary Mayor of Burney

This is my first poster for Honorary Mayor of Burney for 2017-18. My motto is ‘Be Prepared to Serve in All Seasons’. My extended goal is to champion a race track around the town of Burney. I will have a list of locations in Burney to vote, or you can vote online at ThankContinue reading “Vote for me as Honorary Mayor of Burney”

Race for Honorary Mayor of Burney

Journey to Honorary Mayor of Burney While a member of the Enterprise Lions Club I had the opportunity to serve the community of Redding. Many of the Lions Clubs in District 4C1 help Camp McCumber, including the Enterprise Lions Club. Now in the town of Burney I’m in the Burney Lions Club, another Lions ClubContinue reading “Race for Honorary Mayor of Burney”