Early Podfader

This is one of my early attempts at podcasting, the 2014 North State Digital. I still have that domain, and hopes. Not the earliest, that would be the Extensible Podcast in 2008 with two audio episodes. Technically I made a third one, used a speech voice to read it in Spanish. I have copies of the first to, but thankfully the text-to-speech one is gone forever.



I have a few many ‘almost there’ podcast. 😂


Introduction to WonderCMS

You have a domain and need to stick the landing page? With a flat system you avoid user management, databases, and most file management. Your website will be just files, so backing up is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Building a theme is similar to other systems, you build an HTML5 page with PHP hooks to your CMS. The simple, yet flexible, text editor allow websites to be managed with little training. Check out WonderCMS

CES 2025 with the best food product of the year.

DALL-E 2 Presents the Best Food Tech of CES 2025
In 2025 Doty’s Scalca will bring us fresh DAAY te’ta oclevorb.
The deliciousness if this display is beyond my words.
Serve your Deday Trrys with encrypted salad and NF tea
What do these words mean? Please leave your definition in the comments.
I need a caption for this one. Please put one in the comments.

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