New Printer for Food

You Can Now Print Your Own Food

3D printers are becoming more popular, and this one is one of the best ones on the market.

About 1980 an article in Compute! Magazine described the paperless office of the near future. Over thirty years later we have more paper in our offices then ever before. The home printer and email hasn’t closed card shops.

Pictured here is a 3D printer that can print soft material, such as food.  While it excepts any soft material it does it slowly and you would need to leave it to print the food. You would need to keep the pets away and put it in the fridge if it need that, so it isn’t likely to been seen in a restaurant any time soon. The article mentions printing mashed potatoes and perhaps blended chicken, which is enough to make an interesting and creative chicken and potato side dish.

Will the future of food be print-on-demand? Note likely, but they will have their place. Your next microwave might have a built in food printer. Then again the home cola mixer is a cool product, letting you make soda pop for a fraction of the cost of bottled or canned soda. As far as I know this money saving machine has almost no market. It is up to us, the consumer, to determine the success of food printer, and I vote YES!

Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuit components
Conductive and non-conductive dough to make circuits.

Squishy Circuits were made to teach electronics to children. The dough lets youngsters with little hands discover fun in science as a versatile and safe tool. This inexpensive and safe toy lets children learn about LED lights, electric circuits, and electric motors. I discovered this on a TED Talk last year. You can discover them at this web address.

Quantum Hack post #05

The next morning on Earth 1 Aaron and Jet are on just past the American border at a diner. Aaron prodded his mildly runny eggs as if he was learning something from them. “I have plenty of information to go through.”

“With the device gone, what is left.” Jet was already done with his breakfast and wanted to rest a little more before getting on the road.

“I don’t know.” The were some restraunt sounds were a welcome background noise after the last few days. He looked at his smart phone. He left the flying drones there to monitor the area. “The Canadians have the compound surrounded.”

“Whoever funded Baxter will keep things under wrap.”

“We need to find out who that is.”

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20th Anniversary of “That Fire From The Fountain”.

“That Fire From The Fountain”

T’was the dog days of summer, and the weather was hot,

And it was business as usual, or so we thought.

The day was August 20, to be exact,

No one ever suspected or smelled a rat!

The community call “Round Mountain”

Had a fire taking off near the Fountain

Originating at the Buzzard Roost Road, they said,

A huge cloud of smoke accumulating over-head.

As I continued my trip home, over a mountain of green,

Told my associates of what I had seen.

Still not knowing of what would occur,

Fixed dinner for Hubby, quitting time near.

It took not long to learn he was on the far side of the fountain,

I heard of the devastation of our town of Round Mountain!

Even days later and the smoke had not cleared and ground very hot too,

We still operated on the premise that the mail must go through!

I inched my way over a smoldering mountain,

Devastation around me, that fire from the fountain!

As I drove carefully through a tangled highway going west,

Smoke filled my lungs and tears ran down my face.

Weaving by crew after crew, with their “McClouds” and hoses,

They looked tired and anxious, hot gear and masked noses.

For twenty five miles I felt all the fear,

The terror of fleeing, a storm of fire all too near.

On Terry Mill Road residences had fled for their lives…

Smoke filled their lungs and tears ran from their eyes!

Ashes, tin and little else, make such a rubble,

Each pile had a dream, popped like a bubble!

I see so much, my first day through it all,

How the fire picked what would stand, what would fall!

Snuffy Lane had gone..poof..right before my eyes,

Why in the midst of it all, the Post Office survives!

From the little truck windows I could not see Frisby Road,

But the smell of baked  apples  eased the load.

My return trip gave other views to behold,

Montgomery Creek town left me feeling quite cold.

It has now been a month since so much burned to the ground,

A community of believers of God truly abound.

As I drive daily over our Mountain,

I, too, feel victim of “That Fire From The Fountain”

End…….by Ruth Glaser, Burney   1992

I make not light of the disaster … that fire from the fountain…

But a little humor helped me make it over our mountain.

Often times a smile can be a healing jesture,

With respect, try to recognize any of the following places…..

Highway 299 Ash,  Buzzard Roast Road, Terry Melt Road, Brown Mountain,

Cinder Creek School, Montgomery Crisp, Potato Chip Cut, Hack-it Mountain,

Blaze Bend Road, Firesby Road…..

Aw, come on…just a little smile?

Quantum Hack post #04

 Back on the Earth 1 Aaron and Jet moved quickly down the coridor. Aaron was shaken by being shot at by automatic sub machine gun toting security and both were shaken by the center of the room vanishing.

“I’m loosing control of the centeral computers.”

“The gun torrets?” Jet wasn’t sure to speed up or slow down.

“I put them in self maintenance mode.”

“Not before, but that is what I’m calling it. I miscalculated the ammo unjammer and it’ll waste good ammo until somebody hits the reset button on the gun.”

“We’ll talk about your weapon hacking later.” Jet replied, disappointed that Aaron didn’t have military stanima.Continue reading “Quantum Hack post #04”

Quantum Hack post #03

Baxter flexed his hand to gesture his computer a command. The artifact room appeared on a big screen monitor, but with bands and spots of color. He sat behind his minalmalist desk. “Brook has been more useful then she realizes.”

“Her notes are sent to our primary lenguist team, but what is that?” Salmon stood with his hands folded examining the screen.

“The computer tracks where Brook looks and records this. The longer she gazes at a spot the brigher the color.”

Salmon was not aware of the system, and being security chief it cam to a him as a surprise. Other thing got past his briefings earlier, like the secret escape tunnel and the 50 cal embedded torrents. “One spot on the artifact she looks at appears ajar.”

“Her notes have set our research back by months. Then he voiced the reason he called his security personal manager up. “What was on the table there?”

“Lester’s sport watch. It’s to track his condition at the gym.” Solman wondered what else Dexter’s computers were tracking.

“I relayed a report with relivant security information to your computer. Anything else?”

“Yes, dispite the large buffet in our cafeteria Brook has requested some additional foods.” Solman expected Baxter to ask for more information.

“Okay. Brook is a valuable member of our team. She can get her food request. She can come and go as she pleases.”

“Understood.” Salman left the office to get that report on his computer. Yeah, he thought, she can come and go as far as the automated machine guns don’t stop her.

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Quantum Hack post #02

  Aaron turned his laptop computer around for his friend to see. Aaron called Jet to the mostly secluded park in Kansas City, Kansas, to get his help. In his early 20s he turned loans from his parents into a regular income. Recently he found ways of dealing with those strange dreams of his and Brook’s. Last time he saw his sister she was applying for various overseas work projects. Aaron and Brook got along well, and frequently collaborated on projects, electronics and software. Brook didn’t believe Aaron when he said that he was shelving his interest in the dreams. He hadn’t told anybody, although he was sure his dad was high enough rank in the Navy to know, that he signed up to join the military. A couple tours as a nuclear specialist should give him time to learn about energy science and give him some grounding to cope with those weird dreams. He didn’t think of it as running, but it was coping.

“Whoh, you didn’t tell me you had a video of her location.” Jet is a tall man in his late 20s, toned from years of heaving steal gear. Aaron met Jet when Aaron was touring a Navy base. He became fascinated by the weapons and Jet was a Gunners Mate, the Navy small weapons profession. Now Jet helps design and test the all terrain vehicle that Aaron plans to put an alternative power source in.Continue reading “Quantum Hack post #02”

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