WordPress Themes

I decided to go with Toolbox, a cross browser blank theme. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/toolbox

It is important to know where to get your great theme. It is also important to know where to avoid. Here is an article on the dangers of bad WordPress themes, especially if you have local server to test your themes, like I do. http://wpmu.org/why-you-should-never-search-for-free-wordpress-themes-in-google-or-anywhere-else/

Redding Community Access Corporation, K-ECT

The Redding Community Access Corporation, http://www.acccessredding.org/, is a great local resource.

K-ECT has several services to help the community.

  • A full multi-track sound system
  • A full production studio
  • The best HD cameras in the north state

Visit K-ECT for:

  • Video production training
  • Audio studio rental
  • Video studio rental
  • Advertising on the three K-ECT channels
  • And more….

My first video game

There were many car companies that were making automobiles before Henry Ford made the first mass production car. That was when normal people were able to purchase automobiles. The first company to mass market a personal computer was Radio Shack. Commodore had the first personal computer prototype, but it would take awhile to get them on sale. Apple was making and selling Apple IIs, but in very limited numbers. Radio Shack has computer in huge numbers, from cost to cost.

It was in the Radio Shack store in Burney that I got to play with a personal computer for the first time. I don’t remember any software that came with it, except for Space Wars. This game, a direct rip off of Star Trek, was loaded from a cassette tape through audio cables to the computer. The tape setup was so poor that loading Space Wars failed about half the time.

Space Wars was the only computer game I knew for over a year, so it defaulted to the best (and worst) computer game I knew. About the same time I was playing D&D, and that was much more playable.

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